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You know what? I thought that it was a good idea to open up anonymous messages but i’ve never been SO wrong.

Here I thought that it might be easier for some ppl to express themselves but instead, it only helped cowards to release their mean manners

I’m not afraid of criticism, we all have different opinions and i’ve learned to embrace all the offends you might throw my way a long time ago.

What I CANNOT accept is anonymous offends and hate messages. Like, if you want to say something to me say it but have the guts to add your name on it like a signature so i’ll know the person that the offend came from.

It’s very easy to say OFFENDING things without revealing yourself but its also a coward and pretentious move and under no circumstances I’ll get offended by this form of action

If you want to criticise someone it’s only fair to get criticised back, that’s the risk that you take and if you are not able to take that risk then sorry, but shut the fuck up and suck it up!


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